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BFA Animation is a 4 year Graduation Degree. BFA Animation would give you more time to learn. Its 3 years degree can be followed by a 1 year stint in a studio (production house). The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation is a professional degree program focusing on 2D and 3D computer animation, motion effects, CGI, and visual and advanced software applications.


The course includes practical classes besides the theoretical classes. Motion graphics, figure drawing, storyboarding, 3D animation and graphics, toning and coloring, digital concepts, character designing etc are few of the major topics of the course that help for the development of artistic and technical skills.

There are a wide variety of jobs available for Fine Arts graduates in India. There is a good demand for BFA graduates in the sectors of cinema, television, advertising, animation, publishing, textile, art studios, boutiques, educational institutes, and so on.


Animation course syllabus covers a wide area of subjects such as Production processes, Sound forge, Audio and Video editing process, VFX, 2D animation, 3D animation, Digital art, Art history, Visual art, etc. Animation Courses can be pursued at Certification, Diploma, UG and PG levels of study.

Course Overview

This program equips students to apply the principles of design to a wide range of communication challenges across various forms and types of media. Students develop an understanding of people in their socio-cultural settings and devise appropriate strategies that lead to communication products, systems, services, and experiences. The program offers students a golden opportunity to pursue professional development in graphics, illustration, sequential art, typography, image processing, motion graphics, and narration.

The key elements of the program place emphasis on originality and conceptual development. Students work with traditional print media as well as contemporary digital forms, gaining the essential skills in today’s market. This program explores various techniques utilized by professionals in telling impactful stories and ideas through production and post-production processes. Students will learn how to build, analyze, and evaluate digital products, services, and tools. The competencies this program strives to develop in students blend technical comprehension with research methodologies to develop a unique conceptual approach to problem-solving.

Career Prospects

  • Game Developer

  • Web Designer/Developer

  • 2D/ 3D Artist

  • Character Designer

  • Visual Effects Artist

  • Motion Graphic Designer

  • Multimedia Designer

  • Broadcast Designer For Cinema And TV

  • Interaction Designer


  • Matte Painting

  • Motion Graphics

  • 2D & 3D Composting

  • Lighting & Rendering

  • Advance sketching

  • Animation 

  • Creating 3D assets and characters



What is the Eligibility Criteria for BFA,BA,BSc Animation?

BFA, BA, BSc in Animation admission varies from college to college. The admission for most of the institutes is based on the candidate’s score at the 10+2 level or equivalent examination.

  • The basic eligibility criteria to apply for the course is the minimum of a 50% aggregate in 10+2 exam from a recognized college/ board.

  • Candidates awaiting their 10+2 examination results are also eligible to apply to any institution, provided they clear the eligibility criteria by the time of document verification. 

MSc in Animation admission.

  • The basic eligibility for admission to the course is a graduate in any stream or equivalent government recognized degree with good sketching or drawing skills. Once the course is over, one can seek employment in various production houses and studios.

BFA, BA, BSc, MSc Animation: What is it about?

  • The animation is the art of bringing inanimate objects or characters to life, a world where reality meets imagination. It consists of graphics, special effects, and software technologies that create virtual experiences.

  • The BFA, BA, BSc, MSc Animation course conveys the technical skills needed for a career in animation, with a strong foundation in core principles of art and design to the eligible candidates.

  • The BFA, BA, BSc, MSc Animation course includes basic training in computer animation, application of software programs such as Photoshop and Flash and training in the more specialized techniques used in animation.

  • Candidates learn the basics of designing like sketching, drawing, model sketching, etc. 

  • The students would be skilled in manipulating images and information from a variety of sources including audio, video, still images, animation, physical objects, text, soundtracks, and digital data using computer applications and related visual and sound techniques.

  • This program is structured for candidates who want to explore new skills in communication through animation and are interested in exploring the creative potential of the interchange between words and images in traditional and innovative media.

Why Should You Study BFA, BA, BSc, MSc Animation?

  • The animation and gaming industry is one of the trending industries which has evolved from a smaller perceptive to a greater perspective. 

  • Students who want to learn about the classical processes of developing high-quality traditionally animated films may ideally opt for this course.

  • Animation courses could be a suitable option for those interested in pursuing a career in animation, film, television, VFX, advertising, and gaming. 

  • The course helps to enable students to update their knowledge about the rapid growth of various technologies. 

  • The course gives an opportunity for the students to develop the basic skills in design, animation, multimedia, interactive applications, and publications along with communicative skills in English.

What is the Admission Process for BFA, BA, BSc Animation?

The Admission to BFA, BA, BSc, MSc Animation is granted on the basis of marks obtained in the 10+2 level. The general admission process is discussed below. 

  • College application forms for admission are available both offline and online depending on the college. 

  • The college will go through all the applications and shortlist the top candidates. Merit list will be prepared with these candidates. 

  • The shortlisted candidates will be called for document verification and personal interview. 

  • The candidates found eligible will be granted admission to the course. 

  • Students who are intending to do BFA, BA, BSc Animation shall be admitted only at the beginning of the academic year.

MSc in Animation admission.

  • The basic eligibility for admission to the course is a graduate in any stream or equivalent government recognized degree with good sketching or drawing skills. Once the course is over, one can seek employment in various production houses and studios.

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